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"I met Briana through a referral 4 years ago. My job consists of being on the phone and the computer most of the day. Because of that I have severe neck, shoulder and upper back discomfort, which caused migraines and fatigue. With Briana's treatment and advice, she has helped me manage my discomfort. I see her for 30 minute sessions to target my problem areas Since seeing Briana my discomfort has subsided as well as my migraines."
-Kristine R., Fall River, MA


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About Briana

Briana Simas has been practicing as a MA state Licensed Muscular Therapist for over a decade. She graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Therapeutic Massage in Burlington, MA in 2007. She completed 120 hours of internship for clinical massage. She also completed a one-on-one basic reflexology certification in 2013. Building her skill by working in the Swansea, MA community for several years, Briana understands the experience of both being a client and treating one. She has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Associaton since 2007.

Knowledge is the key to health.

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